Top 10 Business Analyst Courses in India

1. Post Graduate Program in Business Analysis  by Great Learning

This program covers a wide range of business analysis topics and tools, offering both online and offline classes.

2. Business Analyst Certification Program by Imarticus Learning

This course focuses on practical skills required for business analysis and offers certification upon completion.

3. Business Analytics Certification Program by IMS Proschool:

While not solely focused on business analysis, this program covers key concepts that are highly relevant to the field.

4. Simplilearn’s Business Analyst Master’s Program

Provides training in business analysis tools, Agile Scrum Master, and other relevant skills.

5. IIM Bangalore’s Business Analytics program

Offers a specialized course focusing on analytics in collaboration with Eruditus Executive Education.

6. NIIT’s Business Analyst Program

Provides a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application in business analysis.

7. Edureka’s Business Analyst Master’s Program

Covers concepts in data analytics, SQL, Tableau, and more, along with real-world projects.

8. Manipal ProLearn’s Business Analyst Program

Offers a certification course in collaboration with IBM to impart skills in data analytics and business intelligence.

9. Jigsaw Academy’s Business Analyst Program

Provides comprehensive training in data analysis, visualization, and tools like R and Python.

10. ExcelR’s Business Analyst Course

Focuses on industry-relevant tools and techniques, emphasizing practical learning.