ten inventions that, despite their potential, didn't quite find success

Google Glass (2013)

While innovative, the augmented reality glasses faced privacy concerns and limited practical use, leading to its discontinuation in the consumer market.

Segway (2001)

Hyped as a revolutionary personal transportation device, it didn't gain widespread adoption due to high pricing and lack of clear utility for the masses.

Betamax (1975)

Sony's Betamax videotape format lost the VCR format war against VHS despite being technically superior, leading to its eventual demise.

Newton MessagePad (1993)

Apple's early attempt at a personal digital assistant faced criticism for its handwriting recognition issues and limited functionality.

HD DVD (2006)

Competing with Blu-ray, HD DVD lost the high-definition optical disc format war and was eventually phased out of the market.

Nokia N-Gage (2003)

Touted as a gaming phone hybrid, it suffered from design issues and was outperformed by dedicated gaming devices and mobile phones.

Microsoft Zune (2006) 

Despite Microsoft's attempt to rival the iPod, the Zune struggled to compete against Apple's dominant music player.

Google+ (2011)

Google's social networking platform failed to gain significant traction and was shut down due to low user engagement and competition with established platforms like Facebook.

New Coke (1985)

Coca-Cola's attempt to change its original formula resulted in a marketing disaster, leading to the quick reintroduction of the classic Coke.

BlackBerry (2000s)

Once a dominant force in smartphones, BlackBerry lost its market share due to the emergence of touch-screen devices like the iPhone and Android phones.