AI tools that have gained popularity for their everyday utility

Google Assistant / Siri

These virtual assistants help with tasks, scheduling, and answering questions using AI.


An AI-powered writing assistant that helps improve grammar, punctuation, and style in written content.

Todoist /

Task management tools that use AI to help organize, prioritize, and manage daily tasks and schedules.

Google Maps / Waze

Navigation apps that utilize AI for real-time traffic updates, route optimization, and suggestions.

Amazon Alexa / Echo

Voice-activated AI assistants that perform tasks, control smart devices, and provide information.

Notion / Evernote

Note-taking apps using AI to organize, categorize, and retrieve information efficiently.


An app that applies AI filters to photos, transforming them into artistic creations.


Language learning platform that employs AI for personalized learning paths and adaptive exercises.


A conversational AI chatbot designed to be a companion for users, offering conversation and support.


Graphic design tool leveraging AI for design suggestions, templates, and image enhancement.