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Top Haunted Places in India 2023 You Must Visit


India, with its rich history and diverse cultural tapestry, has its share of spine-chilling tales and haunted locations. From ancient forts to abandoned villages, the country boasts numerous places believed to be haunted by restless spirits and mysterious apparitions. In this article, we Reviewed the top haunted places in India, where eerie experiences have left locals and visitors terrified.

1. Bhangarh Fort – The Most Haunted Place in India

History and Legends

Bhangarh Fort, located in Rajasthan, tops the list as the most haunted place in India. According to legend, a curse cast by a vengeful sorcerer condemned the entire town to perpetual doom. The Archaeological Survey of India has even placed a signboard warning people against staying within the fort premises after sunset.

Haunting Experiences

Visitors to Bhangarh Fort have reported strange noises, ghostly apparitions, and an overwhelming feeling of being watched. Some claim to have heard eerie laughter and whispers emanating from the ruins, adding to the fort’s haunted reputation.

2. Kuldhara Village – The Abandoned Ghost Town

The Mysterious Curse

Kuldhara, an abandoned village in Rajasthan, has intrigued locals and historians alike. According to the tale, the residents of Kuldhara cursed the village while leaving, condemning it to eternal desolation. No one dares to inhabit the place even to this day.

Eerie Sightings

Several visitors have reported eerie sights of shadowy figures and inexplicable lights in Kuldhara village. The feeling of being surrounded by unseen entities is so intense that it sends shivers down the spine of anyone who ventures there.

3. Dumas Beach – Where Spirits Roam at Night

Local Beliefs and Stories

Located near Surat in Gujarat, Dumas Beach is infamous for its haunting tales. According to locals, the beach was once a cremation ground, making it a hotspot for supernatural activities.

Ghostly Encounters

Visitors have narrated chilling accounts of encountering apparitions and hearing strange sounds during late hours on Dumas Beach. Many believe that the spirits of the departed continue to roam here, seeking solace or revenge.

4. Agrasen Ki Baoli – The Subterranean Haunt

The Myth and Mystery

Agrasen Ki Baoli, an ancient stepwell in Delhi, is steeped in myths and mysteries. Despite its architectural grandeur, people believe that the stepwell’s dark waters and dimly lit passages harbor otherworldly entities.

Strange Phenomena

Numerous visitors have reported feeling an inexplicable heaviness and an eerie presence while exploring the depths of Agrasen Ki Baoli. Some claim to have seen apparitions in the reflection of the water, adding to the haunting atmosphere.

5. D’Souza Chawl in Mumbai – A Ghostly Presence

Tragic Past

D’Souza Chawl, an old residential building in Mumbai, conceals a tragic past. The building is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who met with a fatal accident in the vicinity years ago.

Spooky Happenings

Residents and passersby have spoken about strange occurrences, such as flickering lights, cold spots, and unexplained noises, suggesting the presence of a restless spirit within the chawl.

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6. Shaniwarwada Fort – The Haunted Ruins

Haunting of a Young Prince

Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune has a ghostly tale associated with a young prince who was brutally murdered. Since then, eerie occurrences have been reported within the fort’s walls.

Supernatural Incidents

People claim to have heard cries for help and witnessed a young boy running through the corridors of Shaniwarwada Fort during the night. These incidents have given the fort a reputation for being haunted.

7. Dow Hill in Kurseong – The Sinister Forest

The Ghost of Victoria Boys’ School

Dow Hill in Kurseong, West Bengal, is known for its haunted woods and the adjacent Victoria Boys’ School. Locals believe that the area is haunted by a malevolent spirit.

Chilling Encounters

The forest has seen numerous spooky encounters, including sightings of a headless boy wandering through the trees. Visitors have also reported hearing footsteps following them, despite finding no one nearby.

8. Ramoji Film City – Bollywood’s Haunted Hub

The Haunting of Film Sets

Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, one of India’s largest film studios, has its fair share of ghost stories. Crew members and actors have reported eerie occurrences during shoots.

Hair-Raising Experiences

Unexplained shadows, objects moving on their own, and equipment malfunctioning are some of the unnerving experiences shared by those who have worked at Ramoji Film City.

9. Fernhill Hotel in Ooty – A Hotel of Horrors

Ghostly Apparitions

Fernhill Hotel in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, is infamous for its haunting. Guests have reported encounters with apparitions and the feeling of being touched by unseen hands.

Terrifying Encounters

Some guests have claimed that their belongings were moved or misplaced, and eerie noises echoed through the hallways, making their stay at Fernhill Hotel an unforgettable and chilling experience.

10. Conclusion

India is a land of diverse beliefs and legends, and its haunted places add to the country’s enigmatic allure. Whether you are a believer in the supernatural or a skeptic, visiting these haunted sites will undoubtedly give you goosebumps and leave you pondering the mysteries of the unknown.

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