The 10 Best Hip Hop Beef Battles in India

Beef Battles

Introduction to Beef Battles in Hip Hop

The Indian hip hop scene has witnessed its fair share of rivalries and beef battles that have captured the attention of fans and the media alike. From lyrical clashes to social media spats, these conflicts have contributed to the dynamic and evolving nature of the hip hop culture in the country. In this article, we delve into the 10 biggest hip hop beefs in India that have left a lasting impact on the scene.

1. Emiway Bantai vs. Raftaar

One of the most notable hip hop beefs in India emerged when Emiway Bantai and Raftaar engaged in a lyrical battle. The feud showcased contrasting styles and approaches to hip hop, sparking intense debates among fans and artists.

2. Divine vs. Emiway Bantai

Divine and Emiway Bantai’s beef was characterized by fiery diss tracks and pointed lyrics. The exchange between the two artists showcased their lyrical prowess and brought attention to the growing hip hop movement in India.

3. Naezy vs. Emiway Bantai

Naezy and Emiway Bantai’s rivalry added another layer to the Indian hip hop landscape. The exchange of disses between these two prominent figures highlighted the competitive nature of the scene.

4. Brodha V vs. Raftaar

Brodha V and Raftaar’s beef exemplified the clash of two different generations within the Indian hip hop community. Their lyrical confrontations highlighted the evolving styles and influences present in the genre.

5. KR$NA vs. Emiway Bantai

KR$NA’s feud with Emiway Bantai made headlines for its intense diss tracks and social media exchanges. The rivalry emphasized the role of social platforms in fueling and magnifying hip hop beefs.

6. Muhfaad vs. Raftaar

Muhfaad’s lyrical clash with Raftaar underscored the ongoing dialogue within the Indian hip hop community about authenticity and staying true to one’s roots.

7. Badshah vs. Raftaar

The beef between Badshah and Raftaar garnered significant attention due to their shared history and rivalry within the hip hop scene before both artists achieved mainstream success.

8. Muhfaad vs. Raftaar (Round 2)

Muhfaad and Raftaar’s second clash exemplified the ongoing nature of beef battles within the Indian hip hop culture. Their exchanges highlighted the persistence and passion of artists in defending their craft.

9. Sun J vs. Emiway Bantai

Sun J’s beef with Emiway Bantai brought to light the connections between the hip hop scene and the larger issues of authenticity and cultural appropriation.

10. Devine vs. MC Altaf

Divine and MC Altaf’s beef drew attention for its candid disses and lyrical confrontations. The exchange showcased the multifaceted nature of hip hop in India and the diversity of voices within the community.

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The Indian hip hop scene has been marked by various beef battles that have shaped its trajectory and contributed to its growth. These conflicts not only reflect the competitive nature of hip hop but also highlight the passion and dedication of artists in expressing themselves through their music. As the hip hop movement in India continues to evolve, these beefs serve as a testament to the genre’s cultural significance and its impact on the country’s musical landscape.


  1. What is a hip hop beef? A hip hop beef refers to a conflict or rivalry between hip hop artists, often expressed through diss tracks, social media exchanges, and lyrical confrontations.
  2. Why do hip hop artists engage in beef battles? Beef battles can stem from personal disagreements, artistic differences, competition for recognition, and a desire to showcase lyrical prowess.
  3. Do beef battles impact the hip hop community positively or negatively? Beef battles can have both positive and negative impacts. While they generate attention and excitement, they can also contribute to division within the community.
  4. Are beef battles common in the Indian hip hop scene? Yes, beef battles have become relatively common in the Indian hip hop scene as the genre gains popularity and artists vie for attention.
  5. Can beef battles lead to collaborations between artists? While beef battles often involve conflicts, they can also pave the way for reconciliation and collaborations in the future.

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