10 Most Dangerous Places in India: Proceed with Caution

Dangerous Places

From natural hazards to social challenges, here are the 10 most dangerous places in India that travelers should be aware of when planning their journeys. India is a country of diverse landscapes and cultures, offering a plethora of travel experiences. However, like any other destination, there are areas that require extra caution due to various factors.


India’s rich history, cultural heritage, and diverse landscapes make it a fascinating destination for travelers. However, certain regions come with unique challenges that require travelers to exercise caution. Being aware of potential risks can help travelers make informed decisions and enjoy a safer journey.

Traveling inherently involves some level of risk assessment. Being aware of potential dangers and understanding the context of a destination are essential steps to ensuring a safe and enjoyable trip. The following list highlights areas where travelers should exercise extra caution due to various factors, including political unrest, natural hazards, or social issues.

The 10 Most Dangerous Places

1. Kashmir

The region of Kashmir, located in northern India, has seen political tensions and sporadic violence for decades. While its natural beauty is undeniable, travelers should stay informed about the current situation and adhere to local advisories.

2. Naxalite-affected Areas

Certain states in central and eastern India are affected by Naxalite insurgency. Travelers are advised to avoid these areas, as they can be volatile and pose security risks.

3. Northeastern States (Certain Regions)

While most of the Northeastern states are safe for travelers, some remote areas near international borders may have security concerns due to their proximity to sensitive regions.

4. Jammu and Kashmir Highways

While the highways connecting different parts of Jammu and Kashmir offer stunning views, they can also be affected by landslides, heavy snowfall, and occasional security issues.

5. Chambal Region

The Chambal region, spanning across Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh, has seen instances of organized crime and banditry in the past. While the situation has improved, caution is advised.

6. Rann of Kutch

The Rann of Kutch, a vast salt desert, can become inhospitable during monsoon due to flooding. Travelers should avoid visiting during this period to ensure their safety.

7. Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh

While Tawang is a beautiful town in Arunachal Pradesh, it’s located near the border with China and has sensitive military areas. Travelers should follow local regulations and advisories.

8. Barren Islands, Andaman and Nicobar

The Barren Islands are home to active volcanoes. While they are fascinating, the potential for volcanic activity poses a unique risk that travelers should be aware of.

9. Siliguri Corridor

Also known as the “Chicken’s Neck,” the Siliguri Corridor is a narrow strip of land connecting northeastern India to the rest of the country. While not always dangerous, its strategic importance can result in security concerns during times of tension.

10. Maoist-Affected Areas in Central India

Parts of central India are affected by Maoist insurgency. Travelers should avoid these areas due to potential security risks.

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Safety Measures and Awareness

Travelers can mitigate risks by staying informed about the current situation in the areas they plan to visit. Following local advisories, staying updated on news, and respecting cultural norms are crucial steps to ensure a safe journey. It’s also advisable to have emergency contacts and travel insurance in place.


India’s vastness offers a plethora of travel opportunities, but it’s essential to approach these Dangerous Places with caution due to various factors. By being well-informed, respecting local regulations, and exercising prudence, travelers can navigate potential risks and enjoy their experiences while staying safe in these Dangerous Places.

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