10 Best Roasting Channels on YouTube That Can Decimate Anyone


Roasting has taken the YouTube world by storm, with creators using their wit and humor to deliver biting critiques of individuals, celebrities, and trends. From clever comebacks to savage takedowns, these channels have mastered the art of roasting. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 roast channels on YouTube, including some prominent Indian roasters, who are known for their ability to “destroy” anyone with their words.


Roast channels have carved their own niche on YouTube, offering a mix of humor, critique, and entertainment. Here, we highlight some of the top roast channels that have made their mark in the world of online comedy.

CarryMinati – Indian Roast Sensation

CarryMinati, a prominent Indian YouTuber, is renowned for his fiery roasting style. With a massive following, he’s known for his ability to take on trending topics and personalities with sharp wit and humorous delivery.

BB Ki Vines – Comedy and Light-hearted Roasting

BB Ki Vines, another Indian creator, specializes in comedic sketches and light-hearted roast. With relatable content and relatable humor, the channel has become a favorite among Indian audiences.

H3H3Productions – Bold and Unfiltered Critiques

H3H3Productions, hosted by Ethan Klein, brings a bold and unfiltered approach to internet commentary. The channel takes on a variety of topics, calling out hypocrisy and offering humorous takes on online culture.

PewDiePie – Sarcastic Commentary and Roasts

PewDiePie, one of the most subscribed creators on YouTube, is known for his sarcastic commentary and occasional roasts. His irreverent humor has won him a global following.

iDubbbzTV – Ruthless Satire and Critique

iDubbbzTV is synonymous with ruthless satire and critique. The channel dives deep into various subjects, critiquing everything from bad content to questionable online behavior.

Pyrocynical – Witty Insights and Searing Humor

Pyrocynical blends witty insights with searing humor. With a distinctive British charm, the channel covers internet phenomena and delivers hilarious commentary.

Cody Ko – Tongue-in-Cheek Roasting

Cody Ko’s channel features tongue-in-cheek roasting of internet trends and personalities. His lighthearted approach and relatable content have garnered him a loyal following.

Drew Gooden – Intellectual and Ironic Humor

Drew Gooden offers intellectual and ironic humor, often dissecting pop culture and online trends. His unique style sets him apart in the world of roasting.

YourMovieSucksDOTorg – Cinematic Critiques and Roasts

YourMovieSucksDOTorg takes a cinematic approach to roasting, critiquing movies with a mix of humor and insightful analysis.

GradeAUnderA – Animated Roasting with Attitude

GradeAUnderA presents animated roasts with an attitude. The channel covers a range of topics and isn’t afraid to deliver blunt critiques.

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Roast channels have become a prominent part of the YouTube landscape, offering viewers a blend of humor, critique, and entertainment.


Q1: What sets CarryMinati apart as an Indian roaster?
A1: CarryMinati’s bold and fiery style, along with his ability to tackle trending topics, makes him a standout Indian roaster.

Q2: What is the focus of BB Ki Vines’ content?
A2: BB Ki Vines specializes in comedic sketches and light-hearted roasting, often with relatable themes.

Q3: How does PewDiePie incorporate roasting into his content?
A3: PewDiePie adds sarcastic commentary and occasional roasts to his content, showcasing his irreverent humor.

Q4: What is iDubbbzTV known for?
A4: iDubbbzTV is known for ruthless satire and critique, often diving deep into various subjects.

Q5: How does Cody Ko approach roast?
A5: Cody Ko offers tongue-in-cheek roast of internet trends and personalities, presenting lighthearted content.

Q6: What kind of content does Drew Gooden create?
A6: Drew Gooden offers intellectual and ironic humor, dissecting pop culture and online trends.

Q7: How does YourMovieSucksDOTorg incorporate roasting?
A7: YourMovieSucksDOTorg takes a cinematic approach, critiquing movies with humor and insightful analysis.

Q8: What sets GradeAUnderA apart in the world of roasting?
A8: GradeAUnderA presents animated roasts with a distinctive attitude, covering a wide range of topics.

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